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Do you know a good Denton sewer repair plumber? The sewer line that takes waste away from your Denton, TX home isn’t usually on your mind. Until it backs up, and then you can’t think of anything else. Flooded basement, overflowing toilets, sewage waste backing up into your sinks and bathtubs–it’s a nightmare.

And it always happens at the very worst time. Fortunately, your local Denton sewer repair plumber understands the heartbreak of ruined possessions and a smelly, insanitary mess in your home. Here are some basics on sewer problems and how to work with your local sewer repair plumber to take action–fast.

What Causes a Denton Sewer Line to Back Up?

Sewer backups can have several causes, but there are two main categories: breaks and blockages.

Breaks in the sewer line can be caused by corroded or substandard pipes, shifting or sagging of the pipes due to ground movement, or leaking joints. The sewer line may suddenly fail when put under unusual pressure, for example during heavy rainfall or even a big party where everyone’s using the toilet.

Blockages are normally caused by tree roots growing into the sewer pipe, by grease buildups over time, or by foreign objects.

Who is responsible for Denton Sewer Repairs?

It’s always wise to call your local sanitary authority to report a sewer backup, and responsibility can vary depending on the locality. The general rule is that if the problem is on your property, you pay the bill. If it’s in the main line, the local authority has to fix it. It never hurts to ask.

Am I insured?

That also depends on your locality and your insurance policy. As soon as the immediate problem is stabilized, call your local sanitary authority and your insurance agent for their advice.

How can my Denton plumber help?

Your local Denton sewer repair plumber should be called immediately. A reputable plumbing company answers its phone 24/7, including holidays. You can have a try at clearing a small drain blockage yourself using a plunger or sewer snake, but as soon as things get really messy–especially if you’re dealing with bacteria-rich raw sewage–you’re going to need professional help.

Your Denton sewer repair plumber offers a range of solutions including sewer line snaking and hydro jetting to clear blockages, video sewer inspection to assess breaks, and trenchless sewer repair techniques such as pipe bursting and pipe re-lining to replace substandard or corroded pipes. A reputable plumber can advise you about the cost and options in the case of severe damage.

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